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I’m Presenting at SP24 on April 16th

I’m excited to be part of the 24 hour SharePoint Online Conference:

This is a 24 hour virtual online conference, that’s absolutely FREE!

The conference has 2 concurrent sessions, one business track and one technical track.

It starts at 10pm GMT on April 16th and runs through 11pm GMT on April 17th

For those from the Midwest US, that’s 5PM CDST on April 16th through 6PM CDST on April 17th.

I’m slotted for the first timeslot after the Keynote 6pm CST
More information available at

PowerPoint:  SP24_JackFruh_PowerShellTimeMachine

Scripts: Scripts_SP24S006 SharePointPowerShellTimeMachine_JackFruh

PowerShell / SharePoint PS cheat Sheet: Combined PowerShell and SharePoint Cheat Sheet

Video on scheduling a PowerShell script to run weekly with the Windows Task Scheduler

How I figured it out video:
This video is a 40 minute walkthrough of the process of creating a PowerShell Script from scratch.  It’s a great guide to see the techniques that are used to drill down through the object model, and explore parameters, variables and objects you might not be familiar with – all from within powershell.  A great skill to have for those times when searching the internet doesn’t turn up a script that meets your needs, and for furthering your understanding of SharePoint’s internals.



– Jack


I’m Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities on April 5th

If you live in the Twin Cities MN area and want to learn more about SharePoint, Mark your calendar for April 5th 2014!

I’ll be at SPSTC giving an “Intro to PowerShell” session.

It’s always an honor to be selected to speak amongst so many excellent speakers and SharePoint experts!

If you haven’t already signed up, do so now, space is limited! 

Update: the Slide Deck from SPSTC is available here, and should be on the SPSTC website soon!

Download the PPT here->  Intro To PowerShell by Jack Fruh

– Jack

Cool scripts for documenting your farm.

When we ran this script on a new environment, it was pretty cool, but in production, it generated some unreasonably large files.

Reader Amy also posted her experiences in the comments below and had a 3GB file!

So this will take some more work – looks like we’ll need to identify what is important, what kind of changed we’d want to track and trim down the script as a result.

Original article:

My awesome co-worker Stevan found this link today and it is such a great find that I wanted to put it here to share with all, plus it helps me find it later!

Basically it’s a PowerShell script that catalogs everything in your SharePoint farm and exports to XML Files

This link is to the 2013 version, but there is a link to the 2010 version on the same page:

My intention is to modify the script so that the output gets placed into folders named Year-Month-Date that way I can create a scheduled task in windows, and run this on a regular basis. Then it’ll be a simple matter of using a tool like Windiff to compare files from one folder to another and I should know quickly what changed.

When I get to that point, I’ll paste the updated code below.

– Jack