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Office 365 groups = SharePoint Site confusion

When you create an Office 365 Group, that mechanism creates a onedrive site in sharepoint online.

Now normally onedrive is synonymous with “Mysites” and mysites are all in the* namespace.

In the case of Office 365 groups however, this isn’t the case.

Office 365 groups create onedrives in the* namespace.   This can create confusion if you’re using sharepoint tools to enumerate your sites. The sites Office 365 groups create do not appear in the site listing under SPO site collection administration.

Additionally, the sites don’t appear via powershell when using the get-sposite -limit all command.

Interestingly, if you know the exact url of a group site you can pull that up with get-sposite, it just won’t display when you’re trying to pull a list of all site collections.

Microsoft has lumped the commands needed to enumerate Office 365 Groups in with the exchange commandlets.

The command you want is get-UnifiedGroup.

As of this writing, I still can’t find where to download this command from, but I’ll update the article once I find it…

You’ll need special permissions to run this command – you can find info about that here: