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PowerShell to activate a SharePoint 2010 feature on every site collection in a web app

I recently was given a WSP to add to our farm.

In this case after the WSP was installed and deployed we needed to activate the feature at the site collection level.
Thats usually easy enough to do through the UI, but in this particular case we had a web application which had over a dozen site collections.


  • 10 more like the above…

Activating it at from the UI was fine, but when the user navigated to they were stumbling onto another site collection, and the feature wasn’t activated there.

To activate it on every Site collection meant that I’d have to a) know what each site collection was, and b) visit that site, and activate the feature.

Too much work.

What was needed was a simple script that would loop though each site collection, enabling the feature on each one.

The script below is a result of that need…

 # this script enables a feature on every site collection on a given web app

 Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
 $webs =  get-spsite -webapplication ""
 $feature = "YourFeatureName" #this might not be what you expect it to be, best to do get-spfeature | Select displayname
  Foreach ($oneweb in $webs)
    write-host $oneweb
    $siteFeature = get-spfeature -site $oneweb | Where {$_.displayname -eq $feature}
    if ($siteFeature -eq $null)
      Write-Host "Activating Site level Features at $oneweb" -foregroundcolor Yellow
      Enable-SPFeature -Identity $Feature -URL $oneweb.URL -Confirm:$False
      Write-Host "Feature $feature is already activated on $oneweb" -foregroundcolor green

If you look at the simple logic, you’ll see you can run it more than once – and the second time you run it, it should display an all green list indicating that all the site collections already have the feature activated.