Powershell for working with SharePoint Recycle Bin

I had to look through the SharePoint recycle bin today to look for something – the UI interface is a bit lacking – it only shows 200 items at a time with no ability to search so I turned to powershell…

Looking at the recycle bin is actually very easy…

# recycle bin's are tied to a site collection so we need a site collection object

$site = get-spsite http://www.yoururl.com

#we can see everything in the recycle bin like this:

#unfortunately, the above command dumps quite a lot to the screen.
#fortunately, we can pipe the output to other commands for filtering and cleanup.

#This command will return all the webs in the recyclebin
$site.Recyclebin | where {$_.itemtype -eq "web"}

#we can build on this by adding a sort statement, 
#here I sort by dirname, which is the URL path the item would have been at before it was deleted
$site.Recyclebin | where {$_.itemtype -eq "web"} | sort dirname

# we can format the output into a nice list
$site.Recyclebin | where {$_.itemtype -eq "web"} | sort dirname | select title, itemtype, dirname, itemstate

#note that in the above listing, itemstate shows which recycle bin it's in (FirstStageRecyclebin = End user Recycle Bin Items, SecondStageRecycleBin = Deleted from end user Recycle Bin)

#here's one more application of filtering to show everything that's not a page nor a list item

$site.RecycleBin | where { $_.itemtype -ne "file" -and $_.itemtype -ne "ListItem" } | sort dirname | select title, itemtype, dirname

Using some of the simple queries above, I was able to look deep inside our recycle bin quickly without having to browse it in pages of 200 items at a time.

Update: this came in kinda handy.. one of our developers wrote some “site clean up code” Long story short, several hundred web’s were deleted that should not have been…

#script to restore all the webs in the recycle bin
#note: be sure to scroll over
#the word press template cuts off the right side
# or choose "Full screen" from the menu on this code window
$SiteCollection = get-spsite http://www.yoururl.com
$SitesToRecover = $siteCollection.RecycleBin | Where {$_.ItemType -eq "Web" -and 
#in this where clause, it's best to run this twice - the first time, restrict it to the root sites, with the $_.Dirname -eq "sites/myteamsites", then after those have been restored, you can take that last statement out and run it again to get the sub sub webs.
$_.DeletedBy -like "SHAREPOINT\system" -and $_.Web -Like "" -and $_.DirName -eq "yourrootURLfragment"}
foreach ($OneSite in $SitesToRecover) { $OneSite.Restore() }


One More:

#Deleting an item didn't work with the $item.delete() 
#"Due to the state of the object" 

#I found this worked instead
$sitecol = $get-spsite http://yoururl.com
$items = $sitecol.recyclebin
$item = $items | Select -first 1
$Guid = new-object system.guid($item.id)


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  1. Hello,

    Above script works fine for one single site collection but i would like to get on entire farm. Could you please help me in modifying above script to get the report in CSV file for all site collections in entire farm.

    Thanks in Advance.

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