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A quick update on where I’ve been…

I noticed today that I haven’t posted anything in a while here- notably the entire month of August. That’s partly due to vacation schedules in the summer – I went on a family vacation then went to Laracon for 4 days in Kentucky to learn more about PHP the programming language that powers more websites in the world than any other language. (Like 81%!)

Investing in On premise SharePoint today feels like putting new tires on a car you’re going to junk in 2 months.

Another reason though, is that as we move to office 365, my job role is changing. It’s been a good year now since I’ve built up a new on premise farm for work, and even the announcement of SharePoint 2016 on-premise doesn’t really excite me.  It appears that on-premise has a limited future, and the cloud is the direction of the future, not just for SharePoint but for lots of technologies.  Investing in On premise SharePoint today feels like putting new tires on a car you’re going to junk in 2 months.

So as I work more with o365 and less with on premise, the issues I face are different.  In August I created a series of 20 or so SPO training videos and put them up in the Office 365 video portal (that I’ll be talking about in my talk at SPSTC in October) That took a good part of my free time.

I’ve spent a lot of time opening issues with Microsoft. Today I have a success story to share, which I’ll post separately on. I believe I have another success story coming in Late October that’s HUGE for the SharePoint community, and critical for the migration to o365 from on premise.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Come see me at the Microsoft Ignite Conference!

I’ll be at Microsoft Ignite the week of May 4th-May 8th. Mainly as an attendee, but I do have a few “public appearances” scheduled:

Scripting Guys Booth

This year at Ignite the Scripting Guys will have a booth, and have a schedule up on their blog showing when various PowerShell people will be there.

I’m honored to be invited to spend some time in the booth and will be there Monday Night from 7-7:30 if you’d like to say hello.

There are lots of other big names stopping by the booth throughout the conference including Todd Klindt, Mark Minasi, Jeff Hicks, Jeffrey Snover and others!

The full Schedule of guest appearances is being maintained at the Scripting guys blog:

Community Theater

On Wednesday from 11:35-11:55 I’m part of CSPUG’s PowerShell Q&A Live in the Community Theater, which I believe is in the expo hall.

I’ll be Joining PowerShell MVP’s Michael Blumenthal and Jeff Hicks to help answer any questions you  have.

These are all really great people in the community, and it’s a huge honor to be sharing the stage with Michael and Jeff in the Q&A panel, and sharing the booth with Ed and Teresa Wilson, along with their rock star cast of PowerShell Super Heroes who will be stopping by the booth throughout the event.

– Jack