I’m Presenting at SharePoint Fest Chicago on October 7th

On October 7th, I’m teaming up with Michael Blumenthal to give a half day workshop on using PowerShell with SharePoint.  Michael’s got some great material and between the two of us you should walk away with a firm introduction as well as a walk through on a few of the more useful scripts from this site.

The Workshops are optional and are the day before the official conference begins (Workshops are on Monday, Conference is Tuesday and Wednesday)  Although there is an extra cost for the workshops, I think you get more for your money on workshop day as the sessions benefit in 2 big ways:

  • Workshops are Longer – basically a half day vs 1 hour sessions during the conference.
  • Workshops are more intimate – where there might be 100 people in a 1 hour session, expected attendance for workshop sessions is typically half that.

I hope to see you there!


UPDATE: the presentation, scripts and handout PDF are available for download here: SPFestHandout.zip


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