I’m speaking at tonight’s Share-A-Pint event.

Tonight I’m giving a talk at the Share-A-Pint meetup at the Brickhouse in Downers Grove, IL (A suburb of Chicago)

If you’re in the area – please stop by – the Share-A-Pint events are always fun and I always learn something new.


Tonight’s topic –
SharePoint Management on a Budget (Part 1)

I’ll be talking about free tools and scripts I use to manage SharePoint.

Sub topics for this and future talks on this theme are:

  • Using the Content Deployment Wizard from Codeplex to move content from one farm to another.
  • PowerShell Scripts for SharePoint 2010/2013 to capture permissions on a weekly basis.
  • A PowerShell Script to grant more than 2 users admin rights to every site collection.
  • A PowerShell “shortcut” script to auto connect your admin account to each machine you need to copy files to/from so that you don’t have to enter credentials manually when copying files to your farm.
  • A PowerShell script to enable Blobcache on your WFE’s.
  • A PowerShell script to enable Versioning on every document library in your farm.

We may not cover all of these this time around, if one is of interest, be sure to ask about it!

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