Slides from SPFest Chicago 2014 SharePoint PowerShell Time Machine Session

I presented a session at SPFest Chicago titled: SharePoint PowerShell Time Machine.

A big thank you to everyone that attended!

The Slides and scripts used in that session are attached below:
SharePoint PowerShell Time Machine.pptx
SharePoint PowerShell Time Machine Scripts_Jack Fruh

If you are just getting started with PowerShell, the cheat sheet is a GREAT place to start! It’s 6 pages of very short form info about PowerShell:
Combined PowerShell and SharePoint Cheat Sheet

I look forward to hearing how you’re using PowerShell to save time!

– Jack

PS. If you download the scripts, you might find you have some trouble running them – Windows will sometimes tag the files as ‘downloaded’ and you’ll need to untag them before you can run them.

If all else fails, you can always open in notepad, and copy/paste into a new file.

– Jack

Note: Bamboo solutions did a write up of the session and put it on their blog:

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