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Using MaintenanceWindows in SharePoint 2013

Sharepoint 2013 Maintenance Window Banner ScreenShot
Sharepoint 2013 Maintenance Window Banner


At the SharePoint Conference this week, Session SP210 on upgrading to SP2013 mentioned a brand new feature that didn’t exit in the preview edition: MaintenanceWindows.

As you can see from the screenshot above, this feature puts up a simple banner alerting users of the upcoming work.

The message is localized in the users language so long as language packs are installed.

The “More Information” link can point to any page you specify.

I was pretty excited about this, and couldn’t wait to try it out!

The PowerShell to do this wasn’t as easy as I expected.

I’ve pasted below what worked for me.

Ok so that’s it – refresh your website and you should see the pink banner on the screenshot above!

Note, I originally tried to do this by just setting up a blank object without paramters, and then setting the properties one by one, but I found that MaintenanceStartDate and NotificationStartDate could not be changed after the object was created.

– Jack

Powershell script to add a list of users to the site collection administrators group of every site on your SharePoint 2010 farm.

I wanted a way to inject myself as a site collection admin into every site in sharepoint, Note, I’m not talking about the primary/secondary that you can set in Central admin.
I’m talking about that group you can only get to from within each site itself. Or in this case, with the powershell script below…
Note that it takes an array of names – if you have a team of admins or developers that all need access, you can put all their names in the list.


Here’s another version of the script, this one also takes an array of top level URL’s

It’s handy if you have lots of url’s on your site and only want to work with a few of them.