Sharepoint Search: Fix for Office 2007 titles not showing up properly in search results

If search results from SharePoint (not Fast) search are not showing the right title, and instead are showing a few words from the content of the document, theres a registry setting you can set to fix that.

The registry setting will be found on any machine running sharepoint search (Central admin-> Manage servers in this farm will show you which boxes have this role)

These powershell commands will show what the value is currently (or an error if its not found – a good sign that you’re on the wrong machine!)

  $RegKey ="SOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice Server14.0SearchGlobalGathering Manager"
  Cd hklm:$RegKey 
  $key = "EnableLastModifiedOverride"
  Get-ItemProperty -path. -name $key | Select $key
  $key = "EnableOptimisticTitleOverride" 
  Get-ItemProperty -path. -name $key | Select $key

(you can see the registry entries in the code, you can edit these manually if you’d like)

This script changes the values to 0, fixing the office 2007 issue in SP2010 search:

$RegKey ="HKLM:SOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice Server14.0SearchGlobalGathering Manager"
set-ItemProperty -path $RegKey -name EnableLastModifiedOverride  -value 0
set-ItemProperty -path $RegKey -name EnableOptimisticTitleOverride -value 0

After you’re done with the above, restart the Sharepoint search service and do a full crawl – it is not necessary to reset the index.

One thought on “Sharepoint Search: Fix for Office 2007 titles not showing up properly in search results

  1. Jack — we had actually implemented this same “fix” in our environment almost a year ago — however, we just “upgraded” to FAST a few weeks ago, and discovered that the same “content text displayed as Title” problem occurs there as well. Unfortunately, the same registry values do not appear to exist for FAST. I see that you specifically called out here that this does not apply to FAST, but any idea how to perform the equivalent fix?

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