PowerShell Cheat Sheet V2.00


For years I’ve had this handy PowerShell Cheat Sheet at my desk, the original came from:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/powershell/archive/2007/01/25/powershell-cheat-sheet-redux-the-pdf-version.aspx

I’ve looked a few times for an update, but never found one so I created my own.

I emailed the original author, Ben Pearce from Microsoft to ask his permission to post my updated version online. Ben replied it was ok:

Hi Jack

Thanks for sending me this.  It’s really nice to hear that you found the cheat sheet useful.  I’ve stopped working so closely with PowerShell now and actually manage a team of Premier Field Engineers.  So, I haven’t updated the sheet and I`m not aware of new version circulating.

Thanks for taking the time to update it yourself and feel free to post this on your blog.


That said here’s the updated version – it adds a 3rd page with a few extra tips and there is a bit thrown in about $true and $false on page 1.

PowerShell Cheat Sheet V2.00

I created a new 3 page cheat sheet for SharePoint to supplement the above sheet:

SharePoint PowerShell Cheat Sheet

If you want both in the same file they can be found here:

Combined PowerShell and SharePoint Cheat Sheet

I’ve introduced co-workers to PowerShell and the Cheat Sheet is always very popular:



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